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Welcome to Kiss Me Carousel.

You will find fashion from mainly Pretty Little Liars

Sometimes I also do latest trends, featured inspirations, and Gossip Girl Inspired Looks.

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Gossip Girl Season 4: My Favorite Blair Waldorf Dresses (Updated June-16)

By kensielove · September 1, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the prettiest princess of all? Blair is! My all time favorite! She looks like the old Blair Waldorf again with her curly hair and fabulous style. I absolutely LOVE red, it looks stunning on her. She looks like a classic beauty && old Hollywood Princess; it's no wonder it's by Oscar De La Renta.

Like the italians say, MAGNIFICO! This is probably one of the most beautiful dresses Blair has EVER worn. this  Alexis Mabille dress has the perfect mix of embroidery, embellishments and petal adornments. I could totally see Chuck & Blair getting married. She always picks the classiest  yet most one-of-a-kind style chic dresses!

Season 4 is blowing me away, BLAIR's outfits are blowing me away, BLAIRS BEAUTY is blowing me away. She looks absolutely S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! here. This looks is 102% complete elegance. I am in love with this Tibi Plaid Military Coat + Tibi gray bow skirt. You read about those perfect lives, those perfect girls, and here is Leighton is looking flawlessly magnificent. This look is so upper eat side, but so classy elegant. I love this Louis Vuitton rhiestone quilted chain Satchel  and these criss cross pumps adds a nice edge to this outfit. Is it me or this makeup on Blair makes her look very mature and beautiful? Well nice to know that our fashionably classy and elegant Blair Waldorf is looking better than ever!

Though this is not my favorite dresss, this look is definately way up there! With those red lips, and this sparkly Valentino dress, she couldn't look more fabulously vixen. Queen B is once again ready to rule!

Blair stuns beautifully in this Ralph Lauren silk floral halter dress. I feel like I'm revisiting a blast from the past - Old Hollywood Style shines again. I absolutely ADORE this print, it's so silky and oriental. I also cannot express how much i L-O-V-E these Christian Louboutins. Is it me or Chrisitan Louboutins just keep getting better and better? These perfect baby blue peep toes match her dress!

i LOVE this dress, and more importantly, i love it on her. so glad that shes taking risks :)How coincidental that she is in Paris ? If it was in New York, I doubt it would look half as good. I love her clutch, it has patches of purple (my new favorite obsession) && this light blue beret is very french . . . i was starting to miss her dark chocolate curls, but I have to say, her light brown hair looks so silky & beautiful!

Blair looks STUNNING in this gorgeous blue satin/silk Jenny Packham dress, i love how royal she looks. this dress is very interesting, the black sparkly stuff looks like its shaping into a bow.

Blair never fails to impresss me. This maroon colored cowl neck bow dress is GORGEOUS, yet very very classy. She pairs it beautifully with gold drop earrings and a easy swift to the side curly hair-do.

Blair Waldorf is the epitome of an Old Hollywood Princess. She looks absolutely GLOWING in this Oscar de la Renta ballroom gown. This dress is very classy, conservative, yet feminine. She tops it off the look with a beautiful french bun. Bravo!

LOVE Blair's Marchesa dress. The metallic embroidery is just divine and I absolutely LOVEEEEE the deep cut on the back. She looks so classy and elegant, however I am not loving the hair-do. I can see where it was going, the whole old glamour look, but it just doesn't do me justice. There's no volume in her hair curls like there used to be in Season 1

Blair's Oscar de la Renta sequin gown is absolutely divine. She looks like a million bucks and pairs it with a magnificent Swarvoski necklace.

LOVEEEEEEEE this dress, I mean other than the Oscar De La Renta one, this is my 2nd favorite :D

Orange is definately making its way up the trendy colors . & this silky printed dress is STUNNING.

Another favorite! This Cream color dress looks absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy that Blair's old fashion sense is coming back. She pairs it with ANOTHER adorable Chanel patchwork quilted shoulder bag!.

Blair Waldorf Sariah Dress

i love this Alberta Ferreti Dress, it reminds me of the one Blair is wearing.

Little Ms. Frenchie looks STUNNING in this Bensoni Polka Dot Dress and one foot barefoot and another foot in Manolos.

What's this? Our famous Chair couple reuniting! Get ready for Season 4 because I have a feeling this is season we DEFINATELY do not want to miss ;) She stuns in this Victoria Beckham 2010 Dress. Our own Blair is looking classier than ever and so glad she's getting her pretty curls again :D

We have to give cheers to Blair for picking such a summery & colorful dress. This dress is just what we need to compensate for all the untypical fashion style on Gossip Girl than uusually. I am so glad Eric Daman is getting back on track && not picking clothing for Blair that are too casual


Why so happy Blair? I am actually glad that Blair  & Chuck aren't together, they needed time apart for Chuck to fix himself up. Blair glitters the world up in this black jeweled dress.


I LOVE this dress, its so edgy. Probably doesn't suit Blair since shes more sophisticated and classy, but gotta say, nice job Eric Daman

(all of these dresses are posted on Gossip Girl Fashion)

Trendy Summer Coats (Updated -June-19)

By kensielove · July 4, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

 I gathered my favorite pieces from differnet designers to create this collection of summer coats.

 These coats range from tweed coats, to vibrant colors, and unique designs

These designers range from Philosophy, Carolina Herrera, Zac Posen, Chanel, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Rachely Roy, Oscar De La Renta, Monica Llhuier, Moshino, Nina Ricci, Missoni, && Proenza Schouler.


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